Thursday, 29 September 2011

My First Blog and My First Attempt

As I am not currently planning to bake or cook something in the next couple of days, I thought my first blog would be about my very first attempt at cooking a meal for my parents. Before I went back home for summer break back in 2010 I had started watching a programme on channel 4 called, 'Cook Yourself Thin'. With the healthy options and the fun presenting of Gizzie Erskine I started to get obsessed with cooking and baking. It wasn't long before I bought one of the cook books from the series and started to have a go. And who was best to try out my first attempt on, than my loving parents!

As you can tell by the picture above it wasn't the easiest recipe for a total beginner, but I thought I would make something that wasn't too scary in flavours and my parents wouldn't mind eating, so chicken it was. Mayple Syrup Chicken infact!

Most of the hard work was prep as I had to measure all the sauces and crush alot of garlic, and with a nosey Mum and a stubborn Father I wasn't short of advice on how to do it best. However, once it was all mixed together it was left to marinade and it smelt amazing!

Although it might not look amazing, I can tell you that I got the seal of approval from the parents! I served it with some Basmati rice, instead of new potatoes as the book suggests, simply because that is what we had in the house, but I can safely say that the boyfriend loves it and it has now become a little regular of mine!

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