Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Not So Manly Gingerbread Men

Sorry for the wait, but here I am again! I really have got the baking bug, I can't stop! Every day I have off work I'm itching to get into the kitchen and make something. In fact I'm itching to get into the kitchen when I'm in work! With my lack of baking equipment I'm a bit restricted to making either cupcakes, cookies or biscuits so this week I have made gingerbread biscuits. I say they aren't so manly as they didn't end up being cut with a gingerbread man cutter, I couldn't find one in the shops close to me so I just used a normal pastry cutter! But that didn't make a difference, they were still fun to make and even better to eat!

I ended up making them even less manly by putting lots of girly patterns and designs on them with coloured icing! I've been practing my icing skills as I want to make some fun ones for Halloween, so I made a mixture of hearts and flowers, and some vampires and spiders as well!

I decided to use my brand new biscuit tin for the first time and take a selection of my lovely gingerbread biscuits into work. I was a little worried as I didn't think the icing was very good, and I did accidentally use light brown sugar instead of dark brown sugar, but they seem to have been a success! All of them were gone by my lunch break and I even made five pounds in nice donations which I have put into my baking fund jar.


Presentation............... 5/10 (I'm being a bit harsh because this was only my first attempt and I can definitely do better )

Taste...........................8/10 (I think they might have been better if I had used the right sugar, although the boyfriend said they should be a 9)

Value For Money.........10/10 (Because of the lovely change that my workmates gave me meant that I can make them all over again!

Would I make them again... 100% yes!

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