Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Spot Of Afternoon Tea

Ahh, sat here with a nice big cup of steaming hot chocolate is the best way to wrap up a lovely baking filled afternoon, spent with my equally lovely friend Hannah Pollard! Both Hannah and I are avid fans of baking and so we had a great afternoon catching up and scouring Bath for all the best baking equipment in all the best baking or kitchen shops. Heaven!

Before we went on our baking crawl of Bath, we stopped off at amazing and very cute cafe, or what I thought was a cafe. I had seen it a few weeks ago when I was looking for Sally Lunns, and decided I would come back when I had the money. It turns out it was not only reasonably priced and incredibly cute, but it wasn't just a simple cafe it was The Bath Bun Tea Shop, in Abbey Green. (For all the students out there that's where the fancy dress shop is, for all the historians its behind the Roman Baths in the square with the hanging tree...)

If you couldn't already tell I really loved this place, with it's great variety of teas, of which I have only tried one but will make it my mission to try them all, but best of all it's afternoon tea which both Hannah and I had was fabulous. Like most afternoon tea's you find in tea shops up and down the country, we were provided with a pot of tea, a fruit scone, a little pot of jam and best of all yummy clotted cream! Not only was this little selection delicious but the scones came out warm from the oven which made my first experience a great one! We were only in there about an hour, chatting away, but it is clear this little tea shop is no secret as there was a constant stream of customers filling up the table and chairs, or simply coming in to buy the historic Bath Bun, created by Dr Oliver, who was most famous for his healthier biscuits. You can read up on this interesting history on their website.

I really would recommend this tea shop to both locals and tourists wanting either a quiet break from the bustle of the town or for the Bath tea shop experience. Although Sally Lunns tea shop is equally as nice, having been there before, it is also a rather popular tourist attraction and can get very busy and a bit of a queue to get a table, so if you want the taste and the friendly atmosphere go to the Bath Bun Tea Shop. They are just round the corner and little lighter on pocket without compromising on the authentic Bath Bun! I have a feeling his will become a regular of mine now...

As you can guess Hannah and I were in very jolly spirits after this and went on our merry way to several baking and kitchen shops eyeing up all the fun Christmas treats and equipment, as well as all the fun aprons, cooking books, tins, piping equipment, bowls etc... Hannah left with a lovely set of Christmas star biscuit cutters and I went off with a gingerbread man and tiny star cutter. If you've read my other posts you'll understand why the gingerbread man cutter was a definite buy, the tiny star cutter was for some festive peppermint creams. You'll know when I've made them!

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