Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Peaches and Cream Heaven!

Yes here I am again, although this week I have been in my tiny kitchen so I can tell you all about my own baking delights instead of commenting on other peoples! This week I settled down for the afternoon to look at my growing selection of baking books and pulled out one of my favourites, The Hummingbird Bakery! What a surprise, I picked a recipe and spent a nice afternoon making it, and yes it was the scrumptious Peaches and Cream Cupcakes!

Everything started off really well. I had all the ingredients, everything was set up, everything mixed well, but then I had to add the peaches to the cream. I made a rookie mistake and didn't read the recipe before I started and simply presumed that I would be making the peaches into a sort of jam or liquid centre, but no, I just had to place sliced peaches to the base of the cupcake containers and pour the cupcake mixture over the top. This caused a few small problems. First of all the peaches were very slippery in their juices so a few peaches were whizzing around the kitchen, second of all, and most importantly was that the juices from the peaches seeped into the cupcake containers making them very sticky and wouldn't dry.

Then I made the silliest mistake of all... I forgot the icing sugar to make my lovely vanilla frosting. Thankfully my lovely boyfriend stopped off at the shops on his way home from work so I could complete my 26 delicious cupcakes! All in a days work!

Well as the famous saying goes the proof is in the pudding, or is that tasting, either way, I couldn't truly blog about my baking accomplishments without having a bite, and I am extremely pleased with the outcome! The cupcake was moist, the icing was heavenly and the texture and flavour of the peach at the end was amazing! Now I couldn't be greedy and eat all of them, so today I took most of them into work, ( I say most I had to keep some for me and Ash). I am very very happy to say that they went down a storm! I think they went better than my gingerbread biscuits. I got a nice little donation from all those who ate some, so I'm sure it won't be too long before I'm spending another day off in the kitchen! I've already concocted a great Halloween selection in my head, I'm just deciding what I can do for the Children In Need bake off that I'm starting in work! So yes, don't worry there are lots more baking blogs from me still to come!


Presentation..................... 7/10 (They look tasty but I think I would like to decorate them in something to show that they have peaches inside... I will have to get my thinking cap on )

Taste.................................9/10 (Scrummy, but I would like to try it with a peach jam)

Value for Money..............8/10 (I've got no real complaints here!)

Would I make it again....... Yes but I think it will be awhile as I've got lots of other fun things to make!

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