Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting That Autumnal Feeling

Although only two days ago we faced the hottest October on record, a sweltering 27 degrees, today has been more like the October days that I know and love. A little cooler, a little light rain and the nights drawing in has made me want to cook some warming Autumn treats! The first meal I was inspired to make was a classic dish of sausage and mash. It's not anything particularly difficult but I love the buttery mash and the scrumptious lapping of onion gravy... it's making my mouth water all over again!

What I am more impressed with is my attempt to make apple and cinnamon oat cookies. They are golden as the falling leaves outside, they are rustic looking yet moist inside, and what I love most is the amazing smell! I must admit my first batch didn't come out too well, in fact they were burnt to a cinder as I got distracted by the final of The Great British Bake Off, but my second batch are perfect. I can't wait to take a few into work and see what everyone thinks!

My boyfriend just kindly pointed out that I can't really write this blog until I've actually tasted one, ( I was letting them cool), so I am pleased to say, no, ecstatic to say that they are amazing and I'm so proud! Being an oaty cookie I didn't think he would like them much but he was thoroughly impressed... I think these may become a regular on my days off!

If you want to make this recipe for yourself, I found it in Step-By-Step Baking by D.K. on page 190. It's a heavy whopper of a cook book, but I got attracted to the shiny pink cupcake cover, and I am very glad I did.

My Review

Presentation............. 7/10 (I like the rustic look, but next time I might flatten them a little first)
Taste........................ 9/10 (could do with a little more cinnamon, but that's just me)
Value For Money...... 8/10 (it would have been better if id bought the right oats)

Would I make them again...... YES!

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  1. They were actually amazing, even the burnt ones (they weren't very burnt at all and tasted as good as the normal ones). Thoroughly impressed, delicious cookies :)